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Founded with a deep passion for two-wheeled transportation we’re not just another bike shop. We’re a destination for bike enthusiasts, commuters, and adventurers, offering a curated selection of the best scooters and bikes, along with the highest-quality maintenance services, batteries, and accessories.

Since our inception,

we've been driven by a singular vision - to inspire, equip, and guide people in their journey on two wheels. We aim to make the world of scooters and bikes more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for everyone, regardless of their experience level.


At Liwa, we believe that the ride matters as much as the destination. That’s why we offer an extensive range of products from the world’s leading brands, selected for their superior performance, innovative design, and uncompromising quality. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, an urban commuter or an off-road adventurer, we have the right scooter or bike to suit your style and needs.

We’re not just selling products; we’re sharing our love for the open road, and we’re inviting you to join us on this amazing journey. So, whether you’re looking to buy a new scooter or bike, need a tune-up, a new battery, or the perfect accessory to complete your ride, we’ve got you covered.

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